HistoriaFoto: Fredrik Strömberg

The Comic Art School was founded in 1999 and run by the course coordinator Fredrik Strömberg and the comic artists Tony Cronstam and Gunnar Krantz during the first couple of years. When the Swedish strip comic Elvis, created by Tony Cronstam during his time as teacher, had accumulated such popularity he had to quit teaching at the school to focus on the comic full time. Cronstam was followed by the comic artist Mia Widén who a couple of years later was followed by the comic artist Stina Hjelm when Mia turned to teaching comics to young people at Malmö Culture School.

Today, the teachers are Natalia Batista, Sara Hansson, Stina Hjelm and Fredrik Strömberg. Other teachers that has been working at the Comic Art School are Thomas Holm, Knut Larsson, Josefin Svenske, Tancredi Valeri and Lovisa Witt.

The education at the school initially consisted of a one-year course, but was expanded in 2003 with a second year, project based course. A couple of years later, a third year was added, intended to give established comic creators the chance to work full-time with a bigger project during a year. From 2004 up to 2010 the school also hosted a summer course led by Gunnar Krantz, followed by Lovisa Witt, Natalia Batista and Catarina Batista.

The Comic Art School is a part of Kvarnby folk high school and used to reside on the top floor in the so called Red House in Malmö, a historical industrial building where many of Kvarnby’s courses are held. In the summer of 2010 the Comic Art School moved to the Mazetti Culture House, where many other comics organizations reside.