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The Comic Art School is more than just a school – we open doors to the professional part of the comics culture. The teachers are well established within the comics industry and the school takes an active part of the cultural scene in Sweden.

The school is part of Kvarnby Folk High School and has a national and international focus. A number of our former students are now prominent comics artists, editors and publishers in the ever-growing Swedish comics business, as well as in other Nordic countries. Some of them are well established in the American, French and Japanese comics markets. Read more abour our history here.

The yearly admission fee at the Comic Art School is 2000 SEK (about 200 EUR).
You are welcome with your application.

We offers the following courses:

Serieskapande – Creating Comics
A two year long education program for aspiring comic artists. We combine a program of daily lectures, themed assignments and shorter projects.
As our classes are held in Swedish, and a rudementary understanding of this language is required to attend.

Serieprojekt -Comic Art Project
This course is geared towards independent work on a personal project. The students have studio spots at the school and external, professional mentors are an important part of the work.
English speaking students are accepted to this course.

Professionell serietecknare – Professional Comic Artist
Become a self-sufficient professionell comic artist. We give you the tools to develop your talent and creativity. The course combines independent work on a personal project with theoretical studies and is given on an academic level of teaching.
English speaking students are accepted to this course.

Kreativt friår – Creative Year Off
This course is for professional artists only. Work independently with a personal project during an academic year. We accept English speaking students are accepted to this course.

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